Bukit Puchong

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Mr Leong Kok Sing

Mr Leong Kok Sing
Business Consultant and Property Owner since 2003

Q. Where did you live before you decided to move to Bukit Puchong?
A: My family and I used to live in Damansara Jaya, but after my retirement, we wanted to enjoy a more peaceful lifestyle so we started looking for a place that could offer us a bit of country-living but with all the comfort and convenience of the city. That's when we found out about Bandar Bukit Puchong.

Q. Do you think that buying property in Bukit Puchong is a good investment?
A: Most definitely, as it is very competitively priced here. Take for example, our house. We bought it four years ago and it has since increased by 25% in capital appreciation. So for me, this is really value for money. Even my wife, who was initially uncertain about this move, agrees that we made a right investment.

Q. Would you recommend your friends or relatives to invest in Bukit Puchong? Why?
A: Yes, definitely. As I said before, the price here is really value for money and so much more affordable compared to other places in Puchong, such as Bandar Puteri. Plus, with more public facilities like shops, offices and the completed state-of-the-art Post Office, this is becoming an excellent area of investment. Also, I heard that Taylor's private school has committed to buy land here for their latest project. So just imagine what this could mean for a business once the private school is up and running!

Q. What is your opinion regarding the accessibility in Bandar Bukit Puchong?
A: This area is very accessible and the road networks are fantastic. The only time there is congestion is during rush hour, but I think this is normal anywhere in Klang Valley. Otherwise, it's great as I can travel in almost any direction using the numerous toll road highways.

Q. What features do you enjoy about living here?
A: One of the most exciting features here is the public playground which is complete with a jogging track, badminton court and other sought-after facilities. It is also big and very peaceful. Children frequent the park areas here regularly without any fear because the security system is very good.

Q. What about the house design?
A: I am very happy with the house design. The overall workmanship is good and the quality of the finishes cannot be faulted. Best part is, it suits our current lifestyle. So yes, we are enjoying our home here.

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