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Bukit Puchong Running Clinic: Heart Rate Training


In this clinic, Coach Karen Siah will walk you through the ins and outs of Heart Rate Training. Heart Rate Training or Zone training is when we workout within a specific percentage or our heart rate. Zone 1 being a very comfortable warm up pace, Zone 5 being a very hard effort run. Tracking your heart rate will tell you whether to push harder or pull back, keeping you from making one of the most common mistakes all runners make - running too fast, too often. Putting you at risk of injury or burnout, cutting short your running journey.

To track our heart rate, we use a heart rate monitor that reads how hard or easy your heart is working. For this reason, we are thrilled to have Garmin with us this clinic! They will be handing out a few demo units for those who are interested. So be sure to come earlier to secure your Garmin demo heart rate monitors. Bring your own sports watch that has heart rate tracking function, if you have one.

In addition, you might stand a chance to win a pair of New Balance Fresh Foam running shoes! Just opt-in to be a part of this Lucky Draw during registration.

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