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Bukit Puchong Running Clinic: Cadence & Pacing

Cadence is the number of times your feet hit the ground in a minute. The rationale is that having an optimal cadence helps in maintaining good form, and so reduce chances of injury. Running with good form for a longer period of time will help you run faster!

However not everyone has the same optimal cadence. It all boils down to your fitness and body.

This 5th clinic is on how you can find that sweet spot. A cadence that you can maintain and hold for the duration of your run. Optimal cadence x your stride length equals run speed! So if you have a sports watch that tracks your cadence, bring it along with you. It is your best training tool. Set and determine your own sweet spot when you do your 5km run after the clinic.

Another good training companion would be music. So if you have a set of headphones, bring it along too so you can time your cadence according to the beat of the music. AfterShokz will also be setting a booth at the clinic, #bukitpuchong Running Clinic members will enjoy a 10% discount on all their wireless headsets.

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We look forward to running with you! Do follow the Bukit Puchong by AYER Facebook page for clinic news and updates! Till then, train safe!
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