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Bukit Puchong Running Clinic: Run Faster with Karen Siah

Strength conditioning increases your running speed and endurance. Not only do you need to work on building strength in your legs, but also in your core and balance.

In this fourth instalment of the #bukitpuchong Running Clinic, we will be covering the topic of muscle conditioning. What movements can you do to enhance your running performance? Coach Karen Siah will be sharing some muscle conditioning tips in the upcoming clinic.

Supplement your running with conditioning exercises and you will:

  1. Achieve greater speed and mileage
  2. Reduce risk of injury by correcting imbalances
  3. Improve overall running form

Registration is free! (click to register)
All participants will also receive a complimentary running program from Coach Karen Siah herself. 

Runners who have previously taken part in the clinic must bring along their #bukitpuchong Running Clinic Card so we may mark your attendance for this clinic. 

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