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Bukit Puchong Running Lungs with Coach Karen Siah

Have you ever wondered, what is the proper breathing for running? You’re not alone. A lot of runners especially beginners are unaware of the proper breathing for running. The breath is what feeds the muscles with oxygen, that will allow the body to run for harder and longer. So what is the best way to breathe when you run? 

On the third instalment of the #bukitpuchong Running Clinic, we will be covering the topic of breathing - the running lungs. Join Coach Karen Siah as she shares with you her top tips to maintaining her constant running pace and performance just by mastering the techniques to proper breathing! 

After the sharing session, follow Coach Karen for a 5km Run with hills, so you may put into practice the breathing techniques shared earlier. You will see, that just by controlling your breath makes a huge difference to your run and your overall enjoyment of the sport.

Registration is free! (click to register)
All participants will also receive a complimentary running program from Coach Karen Siah herself. 

Runners who have previously taken part in the clinic must bring along their #bukitpuchong Running Clinic Card so we may mark your attendance for this clinic. 

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