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Bukit Puchong Running Clinic: Skills & Drills

Part of Bukit Puchong Running Clinic series, the second Running Clinic: Skills & Drills is now open for registration. 

In this second 
#bukitpuchong Running Clinic, Coach Karen Siah will be covering the essential running skills and drills that will improve participants running speed and efficiency. Drills such as bounding, the grapevine, butt kicks, the A skip, the B skip, the Carioca drill and more. All these drills focuses on working specific running muscles.

Benefits of running drills:
- Improve the communication between your brain and legs – helping you become more efficient
- Strengthen not only the muscles, but the specific joints (like the ankle) needed for powerful, fast running
- Improve coordination, agility, balance, and proprioception – helping you become a better runner
- Serve as a great warm-up before challenging workouts or races

After doing all those drills, we'll proceed to a 5km run so you can feel the difference after performing these drills. Practice these drills before any of your training runs and races too.

Newcomers of all levels are welcomed to join us. Registration is free and light refreshments will be served.

Register now at 

Fitness tips and updates on these Running Clinics will be available on Bukit Puchong by AYER’s Facebook page

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